Feb 10, 2023

Grant call 2023 now open

We are now open for grant application until April, 12. This year we are looking for the next generation of researchers and healthcare workers who will help fight antibiotic resistance. 

WHO has declared that AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. Antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective as drug-resistance spreads globally. This is leading to difficulties to treat even simple infections. If people do not change the way antibiotics are used now, new antibiotics will suffer the same fate as the current ones and become ineffective. Preventive action against antibiotic resistance is key to preserve modern healthcare.

Do you work on a project that will increase knowledge for preventing and managing bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance with new methods? Apply for our research grant below! 

Do you have an idea on an educational initiative that will increase awareness and understanding of prevention of antibiotic resistance and how to fight spread of AMR resistance? Apply for our educational grant below!