Development of infections resistant to antibiotics is a threat to modern healthcare. We support efforts to prevent antibiotic resistance.

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Prevention of infections among elderly

Elderly people have weaker immune systems and are susceptible to infections that prompt much of both necessary and unnecessary antibiotic use. Preventing infections among elderly is a neglected and feasible strategy that have potential for significant impact on the overall problem.
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A challenge to modern healthcare that concerns everyone, everywhere

Almost everybody today have antibiotics to thank for the life or health of a loved one. Antibiotics makes routine procedures safe and advanced treatments possible. When infections become resistant to antibiotics, we lose our ability to treat them. 


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MAR 10th, 2021
Application deadline 2021
MAR 15th-18th, 2021
Uppsala Health Summit

Uppsala Health Summit 2021: Managing Antimicrobial Resistance through Behaviour Change is supported by PAR Foundation

Why prevention?

Prevention is needed to slow down resistance development to a pace where development of new treatments can keep up

Prevention is neglected, especially approaches such as infection prevention in vulnerable groups and low-income settings

Prevention is possible – as demonstrated by great geographical variation in resistance burden

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