Mar 15, 2021

Thomas got his life back – now he wants to give back to society

– I feel that I want to give something back, I want to give something to future generations. I want to contribute to a better society.

These words are Thomas Grylins’ response to the question of why he contacted PAR Foundation for assistance to include the foundation into his will. He had been inspired by how the Nobel Foundation and the Wallenberg Foundations contribute to research that drives societal development forward. Personal experiences had driven Thomas’ interest in the preventive healthcare, which made him particularly drawn to PAR Foundation as the organization has a focus on preventive measures.

After suffering from a psychosis in the 80’s, Thomas received medical treatment. For much of his life, he has since lived with the side effects of the medication that continued for several decades, and that affected his quality of life dramatically.

– At that time, I would not even have been able to tell my own story like this, says Thomas. I couldn’t stay on track in a conversation or tell a story from beginning to end without getting lost.

In his 50s, however, Thomas began reading more about preventive health care, and that led to what he describes as “life starting over”. A few years later, he received help from a specialist nurse to step down and reorganize his treatment according to new methods, and today at the age of 67 he is feeling better than ever. Thomas describes how he has started to take care of himself in a new way, he eats better and exercises every day.

– It is amazing with research, how life gets better with better knowledge. I have regained my strength and balance, my ability to concentrate, and above all I have regained the joy of life, says Thomas.

PAR Foundation (The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance) supports research, information and training efforts to prevent antibiotic resistance. If you would also like to make a donation or include the PAR Foundation in your will, please contact our Secretary General Cecilia Tilli at

“I feel that I want to give something back, I want to give something to future generations. I want to contribute to a better society.


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